Saturday, November 1, 2014

alternatives to hair dye

2 ways to color ur hair w/o dye
have u been begging ur parents on end to let u color ur hair only for them to say they dont want those “harsh chemicals” ruining ur color? or maybe you want to temporarily dye ur hair but dont want to lose the natural color u were given? then BOY do i have the solution for you! these are all harmless ways to get color in to your hair without dying it!

first method: koolaid
 koolaid works really well for any hair type tbh id go step by step
 but THIS VIDEO does a rly great job at explaining it like dont mind the fact that theyre 12/13 ish it takes u thru the process
theres a couple of things id add to this, one being that blue kool aid SUXXXX like it will not show up. if you use koolaid youre pretty much only going for red. i tried mixing black cherry and whatever their blue kool aid is and it only showed up as red. i also should mention that you dont have to do the tin foil part at the end. once youre done dying your ahir you should leave it for 5 ish minutes out of the koolaid and THEN rinse it out ((cold water!!))
another thing i think you can change is that they used 5 packets per person for their dye. tbh when i used koolaid to dye my hair i put in 2 packets and it turns out fine.  the saturation of my hair didnt rly seem to differ from theirs soooo do whatever u want. i wouldnt put in any less than two tho cuz then the color will probs be weakr
heres a chart to help u get the color you want i havent seen anyone try any color besides blue or red so use ur own judgement on the rest

the color also last an EXTREMELY LONG TIME one dye usually lasted me 2 months or so
  • inexpensive
  • easily accessible
  • ur hair smells nice every time its washed
  • strong color
  • lasts a long time (this can be a pro or con)
  • hard to predict color
  • messy (it will stain counter tops!! please do in bath)
  • bleeds a LOT
  • will almost never dye the right sections (the dye will creep up ur hair)
second method: hair chalk
ok hair chalk is something for ALL hair types (woo!)
for blonde/brunettes watch THIS VIDEO
for black/dark brown hair watch THIS VIDEO
ok some things worth mentioning about this that these videos dont cover is that YOU SHOULD HAIR SPRAY AFTERWARDS it IS chalk and will rub off. the flat iron does help seal the color but hair spray will take it that extra step :^) another thing thats only mentioned in the candee johnson video is that you cant use oil pastels! sidewalk chalk wont give you the desired color either. another thing that these videos dont mention is that the texture of your hair will feel rough after you do this!! if you condition ur hair and brush it the feel will go away after 2 days or so dont be alarmed
i personally dont liek hair chalk as much just because its really messy and takes a long time for a color that fades after one wash. these videos are edited so you cant really get a good idea about time, but to make an ombreish look it took me about an hour to do so ((this was when i had long hair))
  • many different colors to choose from
  • simple
  • easy to control which parts of your hair you dye
  • clean up is simple
  • takes a long time
  • messy/stains EVERYTHING
  • rinses out in one wash (can be pro or con)
  • you probably have to go out to buy the chalk
thanks for reading! sorry that its so long! remember to message me any questions you have or tips youd like to add :^)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

how to treat a dry scalp (an add on to hair repair 101)
okay so the first step is admitting you have a problem. a lot of ppl dont want to own up to having dandruff or a flaky scalp but u kno what u should because it rly should be treated
shampoos+ conditioners
head and shoulders: i dont have experience using any dandruff shampoos but ive heard that this works really well! try using the set (shampoo+ conditioner) as it will work a lot better.
add in oils
kerastase elixir ultime: WOW this works wonders okay like its sooo light it doesnt weight down your hair at all and the oil doesnt make your roots greasy. if you add this in to your hair after you shower, your scalp wont flake and/or feel itchy. however, it is a little pricey so you might want to start out with a cheaper oil! its all about finding what works with your hair
hair chemist macadamia oil: this is OKAY. i dont like it as much as the kerastase but it still works.  however, this oil is a little sticky and will make your roots and rest of your ahir look kinda greasy. its heavy, but it still stops your scalp from flaking.

what bleach to use depending on how light you want your hair

hello so summer is a fun time to experiment with your hair so lets say you wanna go wild and lighten ur hair. however, you arent sure which bleach to use!! from giving yourself highlights to going completely blonde, here is what u can use for ur hair.  i have tutorials linked to some of the bleaches, so check those out :D ORDER IS FROM LEAST LIGHTENING TO MOST
note: there is always the option to going to a hair dresser which lies in between box dyes and tub dyes. they will safely bleach your hair, but will refuse to go past a certain shade so they arent responsible for damaging your hair
lemons: (for dirty blondes and light brunettes ONLY, will not work on anything darker) 
  • cheap
  • easily accessible
  • can be done within 30 min
  • doesn't work on a wide range of hair (did not work for me)
  • can be extremely damaging if you have other chemicals in your hair (if you swim/ have dyed ur hair before)
  • harder to control (spreading, mixing, no idea how much it will lighten)
  • no mixing
  • easy for beginners
  • can be used many times
  • works on darker hair
  • smells nice
  • doesnt damage as much as lemon
  • turns hair orange
  • pricey (10-12 dollars)
  • takes time to become noticeable (after 2 or 3 uses)
box dyes: box dyes are good for everyone! they are much more professional and are more likely to deliver better results. i have a review of the box dye i used to do somewhere on the blog, so look for it under "products i use" (no link for this one
  • comes with instructions so no sketchy tutorials
  • can choose what color your hair will turn out to be
  • often come with deep conditioner to help repair your hair afterwards
  • smells nice
  • can be more expensive
  • damaging
  • one use
  • no room to experiment
bleach tubs (what i currently use, can find short tutorial on 'how to get white hair') only use this if you have experience bleaching your hair (use box dyes to learn) or know someone who has and can help you. bleach tubs can lighten your hair to almost white!
  • multiple uses
  • you have freedom to experiment (meaning you can choose your own shade/ dye dif parts of ur hair lighter than others)
  • can dye whenever and u dont need sun/heat to lighten (like sun in and lemons)
  • one tub can last you MANY bleaches (for me maybe like 40)
  • harder to understand if you arent experienced with bleaching
  • easier to fuck up your hair if you arent careful
  • have to make special trip to beauty store to buy (in stock @ sallys)
  • can be pricey
  • damaging
hi i hope this helps!! if you kno of any other methods of lightening your hair, message me so i can put it in here!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

manic panic vs ion

one of the most common questions anyone with colored hair gets is “what kind of dye do you use?” and ive heard three major brands: manic panic, ion, and special effects.  while i havent had the chance to use special effects, i have been able to use the other two SO heres a lil comparison so u can find the dye that works for you

pros (in general)
  • easy to spread (consistency is smooth)
  • more colors
  • vegan (doesnt test on animals :D :D :D)
  • smells nice
  • stays in hair for 2/3 weeks
  • fades to pretty color
  • more likely to find in stores than any other dye
  • can be pricey (10 dollars per jar, longer hair may need 2-3 jars for entire head)
  • color never comes out exactly how it is shown (in pictures and the dye color itself)
  • begins to fade after first wash
  • rockabilly blue rubs off (even after washing with shampoo)
pros (based entirely off experience with the mint color)
  • cheap (roughly 5-6 dollars) ((thats half of manic panics price)
  • smells nice
  • has a line SPECIFICALLY for pastel dyes (good if you arent comfortable mixing/diluting your dyes by urself)
  • comes in nicer shades than manic panic (thats an opinion but some of MPs colors are rly ugly lmao)
  • fades very gradually
  • not as many color options
  • doesn’t come with as much dye as manic panic
  • stays for 1-2 weeks
  • color was much bluer than the box (it does fade to the right color after the first wash tho)
  • REALLY DIFFICULT CONTAINER (its like a metal toothpaste container)
  • harder to find in stores
  • consistency is kind of lumpy (id rec mixing it with conditioner so its easier to spread)
in summary: if you are looking for brighter/bolder colors that last longer, stick with manic panic.  ion is better for temporary PASTEL and bright colors. i like manic panic a lot more and it is def my first choice.
if you would like to see the colors available for each brand:
manic panic
and as always comment/message me if you want to know more and/or have a request!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tina's OGX hair review


hair products are p good it's about $6 a bottle at target (there's coupons you can find online too!) and they've honestly been REALLY REALLY good
the sea mineral moisture is one of the only relatively inexpensive ones that work on my hair (i've tried like at least 6 dif products in the past so this was godsend)
i've also tried the brazilian keratin (which imo the conditioner is a LOT better than the shampoo) and the cherry blossom (which was p good as well, although not as good as the other 2)

pros: relatively  inexpensive (i count it that way bc a lot of good ones are like. really expensive. like. seriously), nice smell, my hair has become a LOT softer and a LOT less damaged (according to myself, friends+family, and hair stylists who've noticed) and it works fast (my hair was noticeably softer after like?one week?which is incredibly fast considering the amount of damage to it). also no animal testing, no sulfates (which is a lot easier on the environment), recycled materials in bottle (according to bottle+website)

cons: bottles aren't that big (they do a LOT of sales tho where it's like double the amount, this happens about one every month or so so i highly recommend buying them then), not all their products are gluten free (not an issue for me - but for allergies), reviews online are basically only from people with hair like mine (very curly white and/or latina curly hair; the heavy thick hair with lots of looser curls and frizz) so i have no reference on how it works for other hair types, also be VERY CAREFUL to rinse it all off it's v thick so it can get stuck on your hair easily and you might not realize it's not washing out (my recommendation is comb it gently thru your hair using fingers/a comb and then lightly like almost scrub at it under warm/hot water for like a min or so)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

shaved head for curly hair

question here about hair, um, so my hair is naturally curly and was horrendous to deal with when long, but since i've had it cut short (a longish boy hair length, i suppose) it's been a bit less curly (but still so) and i'd love to have my hair like yours (so a bit shorter than my current, with shaved bits around the ears etc) but do you think it'd be ok, and would the shaved bits curl? is that possible? im p dumb when it comes to short hair sorry! ;v; (literally anything you say will be useful)

first off, yay for short hair!!!  and to answer ur question it depends on ur hair type:
if its typically white/hispanic (loose curls that get frizzy when brushed) curly hair does not! if you let the shaved part get really out of hand, then yeah itll start to curl, but if you actually shave it it should be flat (you know how the top of ur roots are kinda flat its like that (its also what causes ppl with rly curly hair to get that cone head look))
if its typically black hair: (tight ringlets) then yes it will but it doesnt look strange!
i didnt know HOW curly ur hair was or what its texture is so i tried getting a whole bunch of differnt samples to show u
NOTE: if your hair is WAVY (loose ) then it will look like mine when shaved

shaving your head??? undercuts??

HOW TO SHAVE THE SIDE OF UR HEAD (and not mess up)
for my hair masterpost
yo so maybe ur done looking super elegant with ur hair and u wanna look HARDCORE man i got u its super easy if u got the time and ur brave enough to do it
ALSO pls get ur parents permission i dont want angry parents storming my castle demanding my untimely demise
NOTE: always start with a blade protector a size longer than u want. that way u can practice and if u mess up you can always go a little shorter and no one will notice
NOTE: for your first time shaving, i recommend going to a cheap barbershop place. they usually cost 10-15 dollars so its not that bad!! you can also ask ur stylist for tips and what not
  • i have a wahl clipper but really any electronic one will work!! please do not use a razor (like the kind u shave with) bc ur results will turn out awful
  • i use the attachment with the 5 on it which is long enough to look shaved but you dont really see and skin
  • a towel of some sort to put around ur shoulders so ur hair doesnt go EVERYWHERE
  • a friend or parent to do this PLEASE even the best of us fuck up so its better to have someone to blame than messing it up urself
  1. so first plug in ur clipper (or charge it) and put the towel around ur shoulders, this is basically prep for the ACTUAL thing
  2. if you are starting with long hair (anything longer than 2 inches) cut the hair so its shorter. dont cut it to the point where u cant shave it, just around an inch or so.
  3. (if ur kit comes with it) use the taper first!! that means basically ur shaving around the backside of ur ear. start at the very edge where ur sideburn meets ur ear and shave backwards
  4. then u have to shave the rest (the part not around ur ear, usually above) GO AGAINST THE GRAIN AND IN LINES AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE. u might wanna overlap ur lines a little bit so u dont have like thin lines of RLY long hair (parts to shave highlighted in yellow)  
  5. now touch up ur side burns!! in the pic above my mom kinda fucked up, usually u just go in a straight line up and ull be fine. u can also to trim it with scissors and then just use the clipper to keep the bottom line straight
GOOD LUCK. i feel like im forgetting something so if theres something missing just hmu and ill add it!!

bleach faq

this is like a new and improved post i had an old bleaching faq but it needs to be updated so here we are
will bleaching ruin my hair?
  • it depends. if you plan on only lightening your hair a couple shades (so like bleaching it once or twice) then no, you wont really see any side effects.  as long as you dont use heat on your hair EVERY DAY (i rec twice a week MAX) then your hair will def return to its original softness (you should also deep condition once a week to ensure the safety of ur hair).  however, if you bleach more than twice, be prepared for your hair to become brittle and frizzy. it really shouldnt start breaking off (assuming you have virgin hair) until your 6th time bleaching.  i have naturally dark brown hair turned to blonde, and i do experience breakage.
so hair will crumble and fall out and break?
  • i havent had my hair crumble, but i do have dead ends flaking off quite a bit.  this is partially my fault, as i treated my hair AWFUL. with proper care and rest, your hair really shouldnt
can i get white hair?
  • yes you can! i cant really give you an answer as to how long it will take, but with enough bleaching anyone can
is my hair safe for bleaching?
  • yes. while people with thicker hair will probably have healthier results, all hair can be bleached. i have thin, soft hair (and not a lot of it) and my hair is blonde and healthy now
1. you can lighten your hair with blonde hair dye
  • literally EVERYONE i know who has bleached their hair tried this first. while some hair dye have bleach in them, using a lighter dye without bleach will not change your hair color
2. the longer you keep bleach in, the lighter your hair will get
  • this is partially true.  you will have different results if you keep bleach in for 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes.  however, bleach can only lighten SO much in one go (usually 40 minutes BUT this will wreck your hair please only keep it in for 30 or 35). if you keep bleach on overnight, its game over buddy your hair will probably just fall off and your scalp will be burned DO NOT DO IT
3. bleaching your hair will make it blonde
  • this is ALSO partially true. if you have dirty blonde hair and bleach it, you will become a lighter blonde. if you have hair darker than light brown your hair might turn orange. it depends on the undertones you have, but idk really how to find those out (HAIR EXPERT ). but yeah if you want straight up blonde youre gonna want toner

for white hair

U WANT TO BE A WHITE HAIR ANIME BOY? (also a brief tutorial on how to bleach ur hair)
i hope this tutorial will give u the happiness u wished for
materials you will need:
  • a bleach of some sort
  • toner
  • developer
  • shimmering lights shampoo (or a knock off that has the same formula)
  • mixing bowl
optional (but you really should use):
  • a deep conditioner of some sort
  • a brush (almost like a paint brush not the one for brushing ur hair) to evenly distribute the bleach
PROCEDURE (if any of these steps are ever unclear, please refer to ur bleach container it will have instructions OR go to youtube and watch other people bleach their hair to see how its done)
  1. mix the bleach powder with the developer (until it has the consistency chocolate syrup. dont make it to thick (as in milkshake consitency) but dont make it too thin (as in water)).
  2. apply to ur head (work from ends to root). try to avoid direct contact with your scalp bc bleach burns idc how tough you think you are it hurts
((optional)) put a shower cap/ grocery bag on ur head to keep the heat inside (if u want to MAXIMIZE THE STRENGTH apply heat as in put ur blow dryer on low strength and blow it into ur lil cap)
3. after 30 minutes (can go to 40 but would not rec if u dont know what ur doing) RINSE ALL OF IT OUT (until the water runs clear)
NOTE: as you are rinsing ur hair, use lukewarm water. you just damaged ur hair a lot, pls dont take it further by using hot water
4. wait every 2 weeks (minimum) to bleach ur hair until it turns to roughly the shade of the inside of a banana. then u gotta find the right toner ( to find ur shade check the link below) and tone ur hair.
 (you can find instructions on toning in my gray/silver hair tutorial)
5. after toning, ur hair maybe still be a lil blonde and thats where SHIMMERING LIGHTS COMES IN. while in the shower, wash ur hair with this purple shampoo and over time it will remove the extra brasiness and keep ur hair white
  • do not use heat on ur hair everyday. i made the mistake of doing so and now my hair is breaking in the middle of its strands and its so BAD for your hair please dont do it :-)
  • white hair fades incredibly fast (especially if your hair is naturally dark) so dont plan on having white hair for over a month unless you rebleach your hair (not recommended as ur hair will probs be pretty damaged)
 I recommend for home jobs to use Prism Lites blue bleach powder from Sally’s Beauty. Go as light as you can and then for a week try not to wash and really condition your hair or use argan oil. I tone my hair with Wella White Lady (Usually after a week). Once your hair is feeling healed and normal, use the Generic brand from Sally’s purple toning shampoo.  These directions are for those that want icy white/platinum blonde hair. I’ve been doing that color for years now and with all these steps my hair shines silver c: (hope this is useful)

gray/silver hair

alright so b4 we get started this is what my hair looked like so you may need to adjust ur ratios is u want urs more shiny or darker gray
DISCLAIMER: okay so i wrote this after my very first try at grey hair and for some reason i have NOT been able to recreate it. like i follow the steps and everything and it jsut doesnt work. i dont know WHY it does this (hair damage and/or using wrong product ratios) but yeah ive tried 3 other times and it hasnt worked quite the same
what u need:
  • hair
  • any kind of developer (i use salon care 20)
  • a couple different toners (i used wella 050 cooling voilet and wella T14 pale ash blonde) ((the lady @ the store said to also use A10 i think it was??)) yeah three is a pretty good variety
  • shimmering lights or any other shampoo that will keep your hair light
so assuming youve bleached your hair to this color image
(you can probs go a few shades darker but your results wont turn out as good)
  1. pour the correct amount of developer for your hair length into a mixing bowl (should be 2x the amount of toner ur gonna use)
  2. add toner (okay i dont really have a formula down but i used about 3/4 T14 and 1/4 050) just make sure that however much you add of toner equals half of how much developer u put in
  3. let it sit for 30-40 minutes (i recommend putting on a shower cap/ grocery bag on ur head so the heat gets trapped and makes it work better)
  4. voila! u should have gray/silver hair depending on ur ratios.
OPTIONAL::: before you tone ur hair lather damp hair with shimmering lights shampoo to tone it extra!!
also upkeep the lightness by using shimmering lights as a shampoo!!
after about 2 weeks my hair faded to a nice champagne color (i do not have pics sorry)

pastel ahir guide

you want pastel hair?? heres the quick easy way
1.use color stripper to take all ARTIFICIALLY DYED COLOR OUT
(can skip if you havent dye ur hair before)
1.5 bleach until pale yellow (will probably take a couple months or so if your hair is dark brown)
  • please wait 2 weeks before each bleaching (this is pushing it my hair was really damaged)
  • image
  • try to make it that color (this has toner in it too)
2. and then u gotta tone it with wella t-18 + salon developer until its basically white (check my products page to see pictures/ where you can find them)
  • white hair should look like this
  • image whatever dye color you want (i dont recommend buying the premade pastel dyes)
  • manic panic and special effects are usually the most common
4. mix your dye color with conditioner (make it a lil darker than usual because it will show up lighter/fade really fast)
5. dye hair as normal (wait 40 minutes)
  • to make color more vivid, put hair in haircap/ grocery bag and blow dry the outside to make it really warm
tip: to keep hair color longer either put some dye in your shampoo and conditioner bottle to dye it a bit every time u wash ur hair
also dont shower a lot because that takes color out too
manic panic does fade really fast mine took a week to wash out (i washed hair everyday)
these are pics of me w pastel hair
]only purple
only pink

turquoise (which faded to a sea foam green)

READ B4 short hair

alright so if youre considering getting ur hair cut short read this!!!
  1. you will look fine as hell 24/7 i dont write the rules its just the facts
  2. its a mega confidence booster???
  3. youll make a surprising amount of friends bonding over hair
  4. if you try u can probably pass as a boy if thats a thing you like doing
  5. literally everyone will talk to you about your hair (this could be a con)
  7. u suddenly get game like damn here i am being a straight up BALLA no but really u look cute and people like that
  1. you will probably get some neck beard saying "oh well boys dont like it when girls have short hair" and you can just laugh because wow doing things for boys is so old fashioned
  2. people might call u mean names but ya know people are rude AF and u can just kick em down
  3. YOUR!!!!NECK!!!!WILL!!!GET!!!!COLD!!! oh my god i know it sounds like a no brainer but it did not cross my mind so i got my hair cut IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER???? and i dont rly have scarves so wow i had a cold neck
  4. you dont get to choose as many style options!!
  5. will be SIGNIFICANTLY harder to get a job. unless you live in a really liberal town, chances are ur gonna be turned down before you even apply (source: 3 FAILED JOB INTERVIEWS and i kno it was the looks because im a charmer wtf why would you think otherwise)
other things i just wish people told me
  1. you will spend more time doing your hair with short hair than you did before!!  for some reason people think that short hair is low maintinence but they are WRONG  when i had long hair i literally rolled out of bed and went to school but with short hair you actually have to shwoer in the morning or else ur hair will stick up and u have to blow dry it and wow no its WORK
  2. HAVE HATS!! bad hair days with short hair are a lot harder to cover up than with long hair!!

will i look good in short hair?

will i look good with short hair? (hair masterpost)

yes! okay everyone looks good in short hair TRUST me and if ur still not feelin it heres a quote from emma watsons hair stylist ( a tru professional unlike urs truly) "I truly believe all face shapes can wear short hair..." (source)
here is a blog that also briefly covers this topic
also someone already complied a huge photoset of celebs w short hair including all sorts of body types and skin color so go wild n be free
but i have curly/wavy hair
my face shape is oval/heart/circle/square and it would make my face look too big
but im too chubby for short hair
but im not white
 literally everyone looks good in a pixie cut

parents hair help

parents can be difficult. especially when it comes to u and ur hair!! maybe u wanna bleach/ cut it in a way that they dont want u to?? here are some tips for that
dont get mad at them. if u ask to bleach ur hair and they say no the first time DO NOT whine. they will think of u as a shitty idiot baby and wont think ur responsible about ur hair.  simply ask them why!!
they say it will ruin ur hair: there is no way to sugar coat this„, it will!! its literally removing pigment from ur hair and that is as damaging as it sounds!!
  • what u say: tell them that there are many things that help heal ur hair!! i have THIN, FINE hair and ive bleached it three times already!! i deep condition it with what my bleach (loreal excellence creme 01 light ash) gives me 3 times a week there is also moroccan oil which literally is a blessing from the gods!! it looks like this
  • and its a bit pricey„ but it WORKS LIKE A CHARM. just a lil drop will make ur hair feel like silk!!

i dont think you know what youre doing: maybe they think that you have no clue what youre talkinga bout!!
  • what to do: educate yourself. go on youtube and watch people bleach their hair. read reviews on amazon about your hair products!! do as much homework as you possibly can!! then u can go tell ur mom/dad about how you will bleach it, what you will use, and how you will stop it from being brittle!!
youll look weird with an unnatural hair color: al lot of parents worry that their kids will be made fun of because of their hair color!! they dont hate you they just want you to be safe!!
  • what do??: ask them if you can just bleach your hair color with in natural spectrum!! go blonde, red, black or brown!! if they let you do that„ you can slowly open them up to more unusual colors like blue pink or white!!
BE PERSISTENT is the alst tip i can give you!! when i brought up bleaching my hair my mom just about killed me!! that was a year ago and i literally have not stopped bringing ir up and now here i am!!!

manic panic time line

manic panic results
straight out of the tub v

after 2 washes v (a bit more vibrant that pic looks)
after 10 washes, it was completely gone
straight out of the tub v (not very vivid, i rec mixing with purple for brighter color)
after3 washes (its basically gone)
straight out of tub

 after 3 washes
i dont have more pics but here is what it looks like when diluted with conditioner
this is def my fave out of the three it stays in a lot longer, fades nicely, has a strong color

products i use

these are products i recommend, i wont include the ones that ive used but they didnt work well
these can all be found online or at your local sallys!
manic panic:
atomic turquoise
  • pros: very vibrant color!!
  • cons: not good for pastel, washes out quick, fades to sea foam/mint green (thats only a con if u MAKE IT)
cotton candy pink
  • pros: nice for pastel, (i havent used it for anything other than pastel so idk how the color is raw)
  • cons: washes out VERY QUICK, sometimes blotchy (thats probably more on my part tho)
ultra violet
  • pros: washes out to a nice color, GREAT for pastels, stays in long
  • cons: without diluting it first the color will be more blue than purple
mint green
  • pros: true to color, dyes nicely, very pretty
  • cons: packaging is hard to work with, hard to spread, texture is chunky and thick 
quick blueimage
  • pros: lightens a LOT
  • cons: more pricey than other brands, can be complicated for beginners
blue flash (what i use as my main bleach)image
  • pros: lightens a lot, smell is not overwhelming, cheaper!!
  • cons: can be complicated for beginners
wella T14
  • pros: nicely tones hair!, can be used in a mix for silver ahir
  • cons: hair has to be fairly light for this product to be most effective
wella 050
  • pros: can be used in a mix for silver
  • cons: I have not use this on its own so idk any cons
salon care volume 20
  • pros: no smell, get job done, cheap
  • cons: can work almost too well, leaves hair damaged,
moroccan oil
  • pros: heals damaged hair INCREDIBLY well, works as a heat protectant, smell DIVINE
  • cons: expensive, weighs hair down w all the oils
macademia oil
  • pros: cheaper, heals hair, smells nice, leaves hair light and appropriately fluffy (no frizz tho)
  • cons: doesnt work as well as moroccon oil,

hair repair 101

HAIR REPAIR (for the masterpost)
okay so lets say you goofed up and bleached ur hair one too many times imageokay im really sorry i just really love that meme OKAY back to what i was saying
so yeah you really messed up ur hair and maybe its so dead that it stands up on its own (with no product in it) and you want it back to doing normal hair stuff like lying flat and stuff. SO there isnt really a sure fire way to do this, but i can give u a lot of tips and product recs that worked for me
PRODUCT REVIEWS (deep conditioner only)
pros: cheap (if bought in single packets), WORKS FANTASTICALLY,
cons: doesnt really have a smell (if u were hoping it makes ur hair smell better), hard to find, one packet might not be enough for ur hair (if its long)
okay so i really recommend this because ive used this quite a few times and my hair feels so awesome for days afterwards and i get multiple uses out of one packet (short hair)
pros:works okay, smells nice,
cons: pricey
note: nothing SPECIAL, does its job
  • okay deep condition at LEAST once a week. i usually do twice a week and my hair is slowly repairing.
  • you can use low heat on these (like put ur hair in a shower cap once you’ve lathered it all up with deep conditioner and then blow dry the SHOWER CAP on a low blast, low heat setting
  • ALWAYS use heat protector before blow drying/flat ironing hair
  • if you can, try to only wash your hair every other day (the farther between washes the healthier us hair is).  i realize this might not be an option for some people (athletes, thin hair, very oily) so dont force urself to walk around with greasy hair.
  • cut the dead parts off! try trimming ur hair (just a lil bit) so all the split end go away and the dead hair doesnt sap all the nutrients
  • check youtube!! type in “DIY hair mask” into the search bar and ur bound to find SOMETHING that youll be able to make (and most of the time they work)
-when showering, wash your hair first thing and then leave conditioner in while you finish showering. doing that makes a difference without really putting effort into it.
-try sealing your hair with clear dye. won’t really heal your hair, but it will make it seem softer and shinier. you also won’t have to dye your hair as often.
-use moisturizing shampoos/conditioners
-be careful when bleaching!! if you can hear your hair doing stuff, abort mission!!
"…use sulfate free shampoo or cleansing conditioners like when if they have bleached hair, and for ample consideration of upkeep/styling before drastically changing one’s hair"

hair FAQ

(aka print this out and give it to the 5 ppl that ask u these questions everyday)
YO so these are just questions i personally get asked a lot, they may differ but pretty much everyone asks these
  • manic panic doesnt, but i cant speak for other dyes. (pro tip: when dying ur hair mix a little conditioner in with the bowl so u get to condition and dye ur hair at the same time its like an added BONUS)
  • i go to a local hair dresser place but i give myself trims on the top every once in a while and i have my mom shave the side of my head
  • every other week
  • okay i thought this exact same thing i have a heart shaped face and i thought i was gonna look weird but look at how adorbs i came out u kno? ive seen girls of every shape, size, and color get a pixie cut and they all ROCK IT like check out this blog and u can see ppl of EVERY TYPE get the haircut that u want
(for irl ppl only) CAN I TOUCH UR HAIR
  • i will burn, and from my ashes a bird will grow. it will take to the skys and defecate on ur head if u EVER touch my hair
i cant really think of any more but ill add as life continues

got a bad hair cut

hi im adding this to my hair masterpost
omg im FEELIN it like when i first got my haircut i looked AWFUL its an inevitable part of short hair but dont let that discourage you!! okay so first youre gonna have to do the most important step:
  1. look in the mirror and tell urself ur still cute
like i kno it maybe sounds obvoius but a bad haircut doesnt change anything except ur hair length. ur not suddenly BAD looking because you got a haircut that doesnt please you. 
okay but if you really wanna change something about it you have LOADS of options (i dont know what part you dislike, so im gonna assume its the front/bangs part of it)
you can:
  1. play around with headbands. “what if theyre not my style” okay head bands are a universal thing like u can have a spiked heaedband if ur punk or one with flowers on it if you like to dress that way.  you can find a bunch at target or walmart and probably even at CVS/walgreens.
  2. just clip it back with either bobby pins or barrettes (assuming that ur hair is long enough for that) this is the same with the headbands, you can find clips that match ur personal preference at the aforementioned locations.
  3. beanies too!
  4. maybe if you want to divert the attention from the style of it, color it. like for real if u dye ur hair no one notices anything else about you.
  5.  experiment. you have the world in ur hands go wild use gel or styling clay (found at target or sallys or any hair salon) maybe spike it up or make a clean part and slick it to the side
tbh just own it dont say shit like “my hair looks so weird” or “i hate my new haircut” cuz then ur just drawing unnecessary attention to it. if someone mentions ur new haircut just make it a brief interaction so u can get over it.
and remember youre your own worst critic!! so people probs arent even gonna care that much about ur hair anyways
good luck

hair insp


hair timeline

HAIR TIMELINE bc my other one got too damn long
 june 2013
AUGUST 2013 (second time bleaching with loreal)

me sometime between december
all the rest of these are from January alone LOLimageimage

march 2013
june 2013