Saturday, November 1, 2014

alternatives to hair dye

2 ways to color ur hair w/o dye
have u been begging ur parents on end to let u color ur hair only for them to say they dont want those “harsh chemicals” ruining ur color? or maybe you want to temporarily dye ur hair but dont want to lose the natural color u were given? then BOY do i have the solution for you! these are all harmless ways to get color in to your hair without dying it!

first method: koolaid
 koolaid works really well for any hair type tbh id go step by step
 but THIS VIDEO does a rly great job at explaining it like dont mind the fact that theyre 12/13 ish it takes u thru the process
theres a couple of things id add to this, one being that blue kool aid SUXXXX like it will not show up. if you use koolaid youre pretty much only going for red. i tried mixing black cherry and whatever their blue kool aid is and it only showed up as red. i also should mention that you dont have to do the tin foil part at the end. once youre done dying your ahir you should leave it for 5 ish minutes out of the koolaid and THEN rinse it out ((cold water!!))
another thing i think you can change is that they used 5 packets per person for their dye. tbh when i used koolaid to dye my hair i put in 2 packets and it turns out fine.  the saturation of my hair didnt rly seem to differ from theirs soooo do whatever u want. i wouldnt put in any less than two tho cuz then the color will probs be weakr
heres a chart to help u get the color you want i havent seen anyone try any color besides blue or red so use ur own judgement on the rest

the color also last an EXTREMELY LONG TIME one dye usually lasted me 2 months or so
  • inexpensive
  • easily accessible
  • ur hair smells nice every time its washed
  • strong color
  • lasts a long time (this can be a pro or con)
  • hard to predict color
  • messy (it will stain counter tops!! please do in bath)
  • bleeds a LOT
  • will almost never dye the right sections (the dye will creep up ur hair)
second method: hair chalk
ok hair chalk is something for ALL hair types (woo!)
for blonde/brunettes watch THIS VIDEO
for black/dark brown hair watch THIS VIDEO
ok some things worth mentioning about this that these videos dont cover is that YOU SHOULD HAIR SPRAY AFTERWARDS it IS chalk and will rub off. the flat iron does help seal the color but hair spray will take it that extra step :^) another thing thats only mentioned in the candee johnson video is that you cant use oil pastels! sidewalk chalk wont give you the desired color either. another thing that these videos dont mention is that the texture of your hair will feel rough after you do this!! if you condition ur hair and brush it the feel will go away after 2 days or so dont be alarmed
i personally dont liek hair chalk as much just because its really messy and takes a long time for a color that fades after one wash. these videos are edited so you cant really get a good idea about time, but to make an ombreish look it took me about an hour to do so ((this was when i had long hair))
  • many different colors to choose from
  • simple
  • easy to control which parts of your hair you dye
  • clean up is simple
  • takes a long time
  • messy/stains EVERYTHING
  • rinses out in one wash (can be pro or con)
  • you probably have to go out to buy the chalk
thanks for reading! sorry that its so long! remember to message me any questions you have or tips youd like to add :^)

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