Monday, June 30, 2014

manic panic vs ion

one of the most common questions anyone with colored hair gets is “what kind of dye do you use?” and ive heard three major brands: manic panic, ion, and special effects.  while i havent had the chance to use special effects, i have been able to use the other two SO heres a lil comparison so u can find the dye that works for you

pros (in general)
  • easy to spread (consistency is smooth)
  • more colors
  • vegan (doesnt test on animals :D :D :D)
  • smells nice
  • stays in hair for 2/3 weeks
  • fades to pretty color
  • more likely to find in stores than any other dye
  • can be pricey (10 dollars per jar, longer hair may need 2-3 jars for entire head)
  • color never comes out exactly how it is shown (in pictures and the dye color itself)
  • begins to fade after first wash
  • rockabilly blue rubs off (even after washing with shampoo)
pros (based entirely off experience with the mint color)
  • cheap (roughly 5-6 dollars) ((thats half of manic panics price)
  • smells nice
  • has a line SPECIFICALLY for pastel dyes (good if you arent comfortable mixing/diluting your dyes by urself)
  • comes in nicer shades than manic panic (thats an opinion but some of MPs colors are rly ugly lmao)
  • fades very gradually
  • not as many color options
  • doesn’t come with as much dye as manic panic
  • stays for 1-2 weeks
  • color was much bluer than the box (it does fade to the right color after the first wash tho)
  • REALLY DIFFICULT CONTAINER (its like a metal toothpaste container)
  • harder to find in stores
  • consistency is kind of lumpy (id rec mixing it with conditioner so its easier to spread)
in summary: if you are looking for brighter/bolder colors that last longer, stick with manic panic.  ion is better for temporary PASTEL and bright colors. i like manic panic a lot more and it is def my first choice.
if you would like to see the colors available for each brand:
manic panic
and as always comment/message me if you want to know more and/or have a request!

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