Sunday, June 15, 2014

shaving your head??? undercuts??

HOW TO SHAVE THE SIDE OF UR HEAD (and not mess up)
for my hair masterpost
yo so maybe ur done looking super elegant with ur hair and u wanna look HARDCORE man i got u its super easy if u got the time and ur brave enough to do it
ALSO pls get ur parents permission i dont want angry parents storming my castle demanding my untimely demise
NOTE: always start with a blade protector a size longer than u want. that way u can practice and if u mess up you can always go a little shorter and no one will notice
NOTE: for your first time shaving, i recommend going to a cheap barbershop place. they usually cost 10-15 dollars so its not that bad!! you can also ask ur stylist for tips and what not
  • i have a wahl clipper but really any electronic one will work!! please do not use a razor (like the kind u shave with) bc ur results will turn out awful
  • i use the attachment with the 5 on it which is long enough to look shaved but you dont really see and skin
  • a towel of some sort to put around ur shoulders so ur hair doesnt go EVERYWHERE
  • a friend or parent to do this PLEASE even the best of us fuck up so its better to have someone to blame than messing it up urself
  1. so first plug in ur clipper (or charge it) and put the towel around ur shoulders, this is basically prep for the ACTUAL thing
  2. if you are starting with long hair (anything longer than 2 inches) cut the hair so its shorter. dont cut it to the point where u cant shave it, just around an inch or so.
  3. (if ur kit comes with it) use the taper first!! that means basically ur shaving around the backside of ur ear. start at the very edge where ur sideburn meets ur ear and shave backwards
  4. then u have to shave the rest (the part not around ur ear, usually above) GO AGAINST THE GRAIN AND IN LINES AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE. u might wanna overlap ur lines a little bit so u dont have like thin lines of RLY long hair (parts to shave highlighted in yellow)  
  5. now touch up ur side burns!! in the pic above my mom kinda fucked up, usually u just go in a straight line up and ull be fine. u can also to trim it with scissors and then just use the clipper to keep the bottom line straight
GOOD LUCK. i feel like im forgetting something so if theres something missing just hmu and ill add it!!

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