Tuesday, July 8, 2014

how to treat a dry scalp (an add on to hair repair 101)
okay so the first step is admitting you have a problem. a lot of ppl dont want to own up to having dandruff or a flaky scalp but u kno what u should because it rly should be treated
shampoos+ conditioners
head and shoulders: i dont have experience using any dandruff shampoos but ive heard that this works really well! try using the set (shampoo+ conditioner) as it will work a lot better.
add in oils
kerastase elixir ultime: WOW this works wonders okay like its sooo light it doesnt weight down your hair at all and the oil doesnt make your roots greasy. if you add this in to your hair after you shower, your scalp wont flake and/or feel itchy. however, it is a little pricey so you might want to start out with a cheaper oil! its all about finding what works with your hair
hair chemist macadamia oil: this is OKAY. i dont like it as much as the kerastase but it still works.  however, this oil is a little sticky and will make your roots and rest of your ahir look kinda greasy. its heavy, but it still stops your scalp from flaking.

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