Sunday, June 15, 2014

products i use

these are products i recommend, i wont include the ones that ive used but they didnt work well
these can all be found online or at your local sallys!
manic panic:
atomic turquoise
  • pros: very vibrant color!!
  • cons: not good for pastel, washes out quick, fades to sea foam/mint green (thats only a con if u MAKE IT)
cotton candy pink
  • pros: nice for pastel, (i havent used it for anything other than pastel so idk how the color is raw)
  • cons: washes out VERY QUICK, sometimes blotchy (thats probably more on my part tho)
ultra violet
  • pros: washes out to a nice color, GREAT for pastels, stays in long
  • cons: without diluting it first the color will be more blue than purple
mint green
  • pros: true to color, dyes nicely, very pretty
  • cons: packaging is hard to work with, hard to spread, texture is chunky and thick 
quick blueimage
  • pros: lightens a LOT
  • cons: more pricey than other brands, can be complicated for beginners
blue flash (what i use as my main bleach)image
  • pros: lightens a lot, smell is not overwhelming, cheaper!!
  • cons: can be complicated for beginners
wella T14
  • pros: nicely tones hair!, can be used in a mix for silver ahir
  • cons: hair has to be fairly light for this product to be most effective
wella 050
  • pros: can be used in a mix for silver
  • cons: I have not use this on its own so idk any cons
salon care volume 20
  • pros: no smell, get job done, cheap
  • cons: can work almost too well, leaves hair damaged,
moroccan oil
  • pros: heals damaged hair INCREDIBLY well, works as a heat protectant, smell DIVINE
  • cons: expensive, weighs hair down w all the oils
macademia oil
  • pros: cheaper, heals hair, smells nice, leaves hair light and appropriately fluffy (no frizz tho)
  • cons: doesnt work as well as moroccon oil,

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