Sunday, June 15, 2014

got a bad hair cut

hi im adding this to my hair masterpost
omg im FEELIN it like when i first got my haircut i looked AWFUL its an inevitable part of short hair but dont let that discourage you!! okay so first youre gonna have to do the most important step:
  1. look in the mirror and tell urself ur still cute
like i kno it maybe sounds obvoius but a bad haircut doesnt change anything except ur hair length. ur not suddenly BAD looking because you got a haircut that doesnt please you. 
okay but if you really wanna change something about it you have LOADS of options (i dont know what part you dislike, so im gonna assume its the front/bangs part of it)
you can:
  1. play around with headbands. “what if theyre not my style” okay head bands are a universal thing like u can have a spiked heaedband if ur punk or one with flowers on it if you like to dress that way.  you can find a bunch at target or walmart and probably even at CVS/walgreens.
  2. just clip it back with either bobby pins or barrettes (assuming that ur hair is long enough for that) this is the same with the headbands, you can find clips that match ur personal preference at the aforementioned locations.
  3. beanies too!
  4. maybe if you want to divert the attention from the style of it, color it. like for real if u dye ur hair no one notices anything else about you.
  5.  experiment. you have the world in ur hands go wild use gel or styling clay (found at target or sallys or any hair salon) maybe spike it up or make a clean part and slick it to the side
tbh just own it dont say shit like “my hair looks so weird” or “i hate my new haircut” cuz then ur just drawing unnecessary attention to it. if someone mentions ur new haircut just make it a brief interaction so u can get over it.
and remember youre your own worst critic!! so people probs arent even gonna care that much about ur hair anyways
good luck

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