Sunday, June 15, 2014

parents hair help

parents can be difficult. especially when it comes to u and ur hair!! maybe u wanna bleach/ cut it in a way that they dont want u to?? here are some tips for that
dont get mad at them. if u ask to bleach ur hair and they say no the first time DO NOT whine. they will think of u as a shitty idiot baby and wont think ur responsible about ur hair.  simply ask them why!!
they say it will ruin ur hair: there is no way to sugar coat this„, it will!! its literally removing pigment from ur hair and that is as damaging as it sounds!!
  • what u say: tell them that there are many things that help heal ur hair!! i have THIN, FINE hair and ive bleached it three times already!! i deep condition it with what my bleach (loreal excellence creme 01 light ash) gives me 3 times a week there is also moroccan oil which literally is a blessing from the gods!! it looks like this
  • and its a bit pricey„ but it WORKS LIKE A CHARM. just a lil drop will make ur hair feel like silk!!

i dont think you know what youre doing: maybe they think that you have no clue what youre talkinga bout!!
  • what to do: educate yourself. go on youtube and watch people bleach their hair. read reviews on amazon about your hair products!! do as much homework as you possibly can!! then u can go tell ur mom/dad about how you will bleach it, what you will use, and how you will stop it from being brittle!!
youll look weird with an unnatural hair color: al lot of parents worry that their kids will be made fun of because of their hair color!! they dont hate you they just want you to be safe!!
  • what do??: ask them if you can just bleach your hair color with in natural spectrum!! go blonde, red, black or brown!! if they let you do that„ you can slowly open them up to more unusual colors like blue pink or white!!
BE PERSISTENT is the alst tip i can give you!! when i brought up bleaching my hair my mom just about killed me!! that was a year ago and i literally have not stopped bringing ir up and now here i am!!!

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