Sunday, June 15, 2014

pastel ahir guide

you want pastel hair?? heres the quick easy way
1.use color stripper to take all ARTIFICIALLY DYED COLOR OUT
(can skip if you havent dye ur hair before)
1.5 bleach until pale yellow (will probably take a couple months or so if your hair is dark brown)
  • please wait 2 weeks before each bleaching (this is pushing it my hair was really damaged)
  • image
  • try to make it that color (this has toner in it too)
2. and then u gotta tone it with wella t-18 + salon developer until its basically white (check my products page to see pictures/ where you can find them)
  • white hair should look like this
  • image whatever dye color you want (i dont recommend buying the premade pastel dyes)
  • manic panic and special effects are usually the most common
4. mix your dye color with conditioner (make it a lil darker than usual because it will show up lighter/fade really fast)
5. dye hair as normal (wait 40 minutes)
  • to make color more vivid, put hair in haircap/ grocery bag and blow dry the outside to make it really warm
tip: to keep hair color longer either put some dye in your shampoo and conditioner bottle to dye it a bit every time u wash ur hair
also dont shower a lot because that takes color out too
manic panic does fade really fast mine took a week to wash out (i washed hair everyday)
these are pics of me w pastel hair
]only purple
only pink

turquoise (which faded to a sea foam green)

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