Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tina's OGX hair review


hair products are p good it's about $6 a bottle at target (there's coupons you can find online too!) and they've honestly been REALLY REALLY good
the sea mineral moisture is one of the only relatively inexpensive ones that work on my hair (i've tried like at least 6 dif products in the past so this was godsend)
i've also tried the brazilian keratin (which imo the conditioner is a LOT better than the shampoo) and the cherry blossom (which was p good as well, although not as good as the other 2)

pros: relatively  inexpensive (i count it that way bc a lot of good ones are like. really expensive. like. seriously), nice smell, my hair has become a LOT softer and a LOT less damaged (according to myself, friends+family, and hair stylists who've noticed) and it works fast (my hair was noticeably softer after like?one week?which is incredibly fast considering the amount of damage to it). also no animal testing, no sulfates (which is a lot easier on the environment), recycled materials in bottle (according to bottle+website)

cons: bottles aren't that big (they do a LOT of sales tho where it's like double the amount, this happens about one every month or so so i highly recommend buying them then), not all their products are gluten free (not an issue for me - but for allergies), reviews online are basically only from people with hair like mine (very curly white and/or latina curly hair; the heavy thick hair with lots of looser curls and frizz) so i have no reference on how it works for other hair types, also be VERY CAREFUL to rinse it all off it's v thick so it can get stuck on your hair easily and you might not realize it's not washing out (my recommendation is comb it gently thru your hair using fingers/a comb and then lightly like almost scrub at it under warm/hot water for like a min or so)

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