Tuesday, July 8, 2014

what bleach to use depending on how light you want your hair

hello so summer is a fun time to experiment with your hair so lets say you wanna go wild and lighten ur hair. however, you arent sure which bleach to use!! from giving yourself highlights to going completely blonde, here is what u can use for ur hair.  i have tutorials linked to some of the bleaches, so check those out :D ORDER IS FROM LEAST LIGHTENING TO MOST
note: there is always the option to going to a hair dresser which lies in between box dyes and tub dyes. they will safely bleach your hair, but will refuse to go past a certain shade so they arent responsible for damaging your hair
lemons: (for dirty blondes and light brunettes ONLY, will not work on anything darker) 
  • cheap
  • easily accessible
  • can be done within 30 min
  • doesn't work on a wide range of hair (did not work for me)
  • can be extremely damaging if you have other chemicals in your hair (if you swim/ have dyed ur hair before)
  • harder to control (spreading, mixing, no idea how much it will lighten)
  • no mixing
  • easy for beginners
  • can be used many times
  • works on darker hair
  • smells nice
  • doesnt damage as much as lemon
  • turns hair orange
  • pricey (10-12 dollars)
  • takes time to become noticeable (after 2 or 3 uses)
box dyes: box dyes are good for everyone! they are much more professional and are more likely to deliver better results. i have a review of the box dye i used to do somewhere on the blog, so look for it under "products i use" (no link for this one
  • comes with instructions so no sketchy tutorials
  • can choose what color your hair will turn out to be
  • often come with deep conditioner to help repair your hair afterwards
  • smells nice
  • can be more expensive
  • damaging
  • one use
  • no room to experiment
bleach tubs (what i currently use, can find short tutorial on 'how to get white hair') only use this if you have experience bleaching your hair (use box dyes to learn) or know someone who has and can help you. bleach tubs can lighten your hair to almost white!
  • multiple uses
  • you have freedom to experiment (meaning you can choose your own shade/ dye dif parts of ur hair lighter than others)
  • can dye whenever and u dont need sun/heat to lighten (like sun in and lemons)
  • one tub can last you MANY bleaches (for me maybe like 40)
  • harder to understand if you arent experienced with bleaching
  • easier to fuck up your hair if you arent careful
  • have to make special trip to beauty store to buy (in stock @ sallys)
  • can be pricey
  • damaging
hi i hope this helps!! if you kno of any other methods of lightening your hair, message me so i can put it in here!!

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