Sunday, June 15, 2014

shaved head for curly hair

question here about hair, um, so my hair is naturally curly and was horrendous to deal with when long, but since i've had it cut short (a longish boy hair length, i suppose) it's been a bit less curly (but still so) and i'd love to have my hair like yours (so a bit shorter than my current, with shaved bits around the ears etc) but do you think it'd be ok, and would the shaved bits curl? is that possible? im p dumb when it comes to short hair sorry! ;v; (literally anything you say will be useful)

first off, yay for short hair!!!  and to answer ur question it depends on ur hair type:
if its typically white/hispanic (loose curls that get frizzy when brushed) curly hair does not! if you let the shaved part get really out of hand, then yeah itll start to curl, but if you actually shave it it should be flat (you know how the top of ur roots are kinda flat its like that (its also what causes ppl with rly curly hair to get that cone head look))
if its typically black hair: (tight ringlets) then yes it will but it doesnt look strange!
i didnt know HOW curly ur hair was or what its texture is so i tried getting a whole bunch of differnt samples to show u
NOTE: if your hair is WAVY (loose ) then it will look like mine when shaved

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