Sunday, June 15, 2014

bleach faq

this is like a new and improved post i had an old bleaching faq but it needs to be updated so here we are
will bleaching ruin my hair?
  • it depends. if you plan on only lightening your hair a couple shades (so like bleaching it once or twice) then no, you wont really see any side effects.  as long as you dont use heat on your hair EVERY DAY (i rec twice a week MAX) then your hair will def return to its original softness (you should also deep condition once a week to ensure the safety of ur hair).  however, if you bleach more than twice, be prepared for your hair to become brittle and frizzy. it really shouldnt start breaking off (assuming you have virgin hair) until your 6th time bleaching.  i have naturally dark brown hair turned to blonde, and i do experience breakage.
so hair will crumble and fall out and break?
  • i havent had my hair crumble, but i do have dead ends flaking off quite a bit.  this is partially my fault, as i treated my hair AWFUL. with proper care and rest, your hair really shouldnt
can i get white hair?
  • yes you can! i cant really give you an answer as to how long it will take, but with enough bleaching anyone can
is my hair safe for bleaching?
  • yes. while people with thicker hair will probably have healthier results, all hair can be bleached. i have thin, soft hair (and not a lot of it) and my hair is blonde and healthy now
1. you can lighten your hair with blonde hair dye
  • literally EVERYONE i know who has bleached their hair tried this first. while some hair dye have bleach in them, using a lighter dye without bleach will not change your hair color
2. the longer you keep bleach in, the lighter your hair will get
  • this is partially true.  you will have different results if you keep bleach in for 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes.  however, bleach can only lighten SO much in one go (usually 40 minutes BUT this will wreck your hair please only keep it in for 30 or 35). if you keep bleach on overnight, its game over buddy your hair will probably just fall off and your scalp will be burned DO NOT DO IT
3. bleaching your hair will make it blonde
  • this is ALSO partially true. if you have dirty blonde hair and bleach it, you will become a lighter blonde. if you have hair darker than light brown your hair might turn orange. it depends on the undertones you have, but idk really how to find those out (HAIR EXPERT ). but yeah if you want straight up blonde youre gonna want toner

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