Sunday, June 15, 2014

hair repair 101

HAIR REPAIR (for the masterpost)
okay so lets say you goofed up and bleached ur hair one too many times imageokay im really sorry i just really love that meme OKAY back to what i was saying
so yeah you really messed up ur hair and maybe its so dead that it stands up on its own (with no product in it) and you want it back to doing normal hair stuff like lying flat and stuff. SO there isnt really a sure fire way to do this, but i can give u a lot of tips and product recs that worked for me
PRODUCT REVIEWS (deep conditioner only)
pros: cheap (if bought in single packets), WORKS FANTASTICALLY,
cons: doesnt really have a smell (if u were hoping it makes ur hair smell better), hard to find, one packet might not be enough for ur hair (if its long)
okay so i really recommend this because ive used this quite a few times and my hair feels so awesome for days afterwards and i get multiple uses out of one packet (short hair)
pros:works okay, smells nice,
cons: pricey
note: nothing SPECIAL, does its job
  • okay deep condition at LEAST once a week. i usually do twice a week and my hair is slowly repairing.
  • you can use low heat on these (like put ur hair in a shower cap once you’ve lathered it all up with deep conditioner and then blow dry the SHOWER CAP on a low blast, low heat setting
  • ALWAYS use heat protector before blow drying/flat ironing hair
  • if you can, try to only wash your hair every other day (the farther between washes the healthier us hair is).  i realize this might not be an option for some people (athletes, thin hair, very oily) so dont force urself to walk around with greasy hair.
  • cut the dead parts off! try trimming ur hair (just a lil bit) so all the split end go away and the dead hair doesnt sap all the nutrients
  • check youtube!! type in “DIY hair mask” into the search bar and ur bound to find SOMETHING that youll be able to make (and most of the time they work)
-when showering, wash your hair first thing and then leave conditioner in while you finish showering. doing that makes a difference without really putting effort into it.
-try sealing your hair with clear dye. won’t really heal your hair, but it will make it seem softer and shinier. you also won’t have to dye your hair as often.
-use moisturizing shampoos/conditioners
-be careful when bleaching!! if you can hear your hair doing stuff, abort mission!!
"…use sulfate free shampoo or cleansing conditioners like when if they have bleached hair, and for ample consideration of upkeep/styling before drastically changing one’s hair"

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