Sunday, June 15, 2014

READ B4 short hair

alright so if youre considering getting ur hair cut short read this!!!
  1. you will look fine as hell 24/7 i dont write the rules its just the facts
  2. its a mega confidence booster???
  3. youll make a surprising amount of friends bonding over hair
  4. if you try u can probably pass as a boy if thats a thing you like doing
  5. literally everyone will talk to you about your hair (this could be a con)
  7. u suddenly get game like damn here i am being a straight up BALLA no but really u look cute and people like that
  1. you will probably get some neck beard saying "oh well boys dont like it when girls have short hair" and you can just laugh because wow doing things for boys is so old fashioned
  2. people might call u mean names but ya know people are rude AF and u can just kick em down
  3. YOUR!!!!NECK!!!!WILL!!!GET!!!!COLD!!! oh my god i know it sounds like a no brainer but it did not cross my mind so i got my hair cut IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER???? and i dont rly have scarves so wow i had a cold neck
  4. you dont get to choose as many style options!!
  5. will be SIGNIFICANTLY harder to get a job. unless you live in a really liberal town, chances are ur gonna be turned down before you even apply (source: 3 FAILED JOB INTERVIEWS and i kno it was the looks because im a charmer wtf why would you think otherwise)
other things i just wish people told me
  1. you will spend more time doing your hair with short hair than you did before!!  for some reason people think that short hair is low maintinence but they are WRONG  when i had long hair i literally rolled out of bed and went to school but with short hair you actually have to shwoer in the morning or else ur hair will stick up and u have to blow dry it and wow no its WORK
  2. HAVE HATS!! bad hair days with short hair are a lot harder to cover up than with long hair!!

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