Sunday, June 15, 2014

for white hair

U WANT TO BE A WHITE HAIR ANIME BOY? (also a brief tutorial on how to bleach ur hair)
i hope this tutorial will give u the happiness u wished for
materials you will need:
  • a bleach of some sort
  • toner
  • developer
  • shimmering lights shampoo (or a knock off that has the same formula)
  • mixing bowl
optional (but you really should use):
  • a deep conditioner of some sort
  • a brush (almost like a paint brush not the one for brushing ur hair) to evenly distribute the bleach
PROCEDURE (if any of these steps are ever unclear, please refer to ur bleach container it will have instructions OR go to youtube and watch other people bleach their hair to see how its done)
  1. mix the bleach powder with the developer (until it has the consistency chocolate syrup. dont make it to thick (as in milkshake consitency) but dont make it too thin (as in water)).
  2. apply to ur head (work from ends to root). try to avoid direct contact with your scalp bc bleach burns idc how tough you think you are it hurts
((optional)) put a shower cap/ grocery bag on ur head to keep the heat inside (if u want to MAXIMIZE THE STRENGTH apply heat as in put ur blow dryer on low strength and blow it into ur lil cap)
3. after 30 minutes (can go to 40 but would not rec if u dont know what ur doing) RINSE ALL OF IT OUT (until the water runs clear)
NOTE: as you are rinsing ur hair, use lukewarm water. you just damaged ur hair a lot, pls dont take it further by using hot water
4. wait every 2 weeks (minimum) to bleach ur hair until it turns to roughly the shade of the inside of a banana. then u gotta find the right toner ( to find ur shade check the link below) and tone ur hair.
 (you can find instructions on toning in my gray/silver hair tutorial)
5. after toning, ur hair maybe still be a lil blonde and thats where SHIMMERING LIGHTS COMES IN. while in the shower, wash ur hair with this purple shampoo and over time it will remove the extra brasiness and keep ur hair white
  • do not use heat on ur hair everyday. i made the mistake of doing so and now my hair is breaking in the middle of its strands and its so BAD for your hair please dont do it :-)
  • white hair fades incredibly fast (especially if your hair is naturally dark) so dont plan on having white hair for over a month unless you rebleach your hair (not recommended as ur hair will probs be pretty damaged)
 I recommend for home jobs to use Prism Lites blue bleach powder from Sally’s Beauty. Go as light as you can and then for a week try not to wash and really condition your hair or use argan oil. I tone my hair with Wella White Lady (Usually after a week). Once your hair is feeling healed and normal, use the Generic brand from Sally’s purple toning shampoo.  These directions are for those that want icy white/platinum blonde hair. I’ve been doing that color for years now and with all these steps my hair shines silver c: (hope this is useful)

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