Sunday, June 15, 2014

gray/silver hair

alright so b4 we get started this is what my hair looked like so you may need to adjust ur ratios is u want urs more shiny or darker gray
DISCLAIMER: okay so i wrote this after my very first try at grey hair and for some reason i have NOT been able to recreate it. like i follow the steps and everything and it jsut doesnt work. i dont know WHY it does this (hair damage and/or using wrong product ratios) but yeah ive tried 3 other times and it hasnt worked quite the same
what u need:
  • hair
  • any kind of developer (i use salon care 20)
  • a couple different toners (i used wella 050 cooling voilet and wella T14 pale ash blonde) ((the lady @ the store said to also use A10 i think it was??)) yeah three is a pretty good variety
  • shimmering lights or any other shampoo that will keep your hair light
so assuming youve bleached your hair to this color image
(you can probs go a few shades darker but your results wont turn out as good)
  1. pour the correct amount of developer for your hair length into a mixing bowl (should be 2x the amount of toner ur gonna use)
  2. add toner (okay i dont really have a formula down but i used about 3/4 T14 and 1/4 050) just make sure that however much you add of toner equals half of how much developer u put in
  3. let it sit for 30-40 minutes (i recommend putting on a shower cap/ grocery bag on ur head so the heat gets trapped and makes it work better)
  4. voila! u should have gray/silver hair depending on ur ratios.
OPTIONAL::: before you tone ur hair lather damp hair with shimmering lights shampoo to tone it extra!!
also upkeep the lightness by using shimmering lights as a shampoo!!
after about 2 weeks my hair faded to a nice champagne color (i do not have pics sorry)

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